High Lift Pallet Truck - PLS-02

Ideal for light and heavy operations, our wide range of Hydraulic High Lift Pallet Trucks provide you unmatched efficiency and performance.

Designed to work efficiently in chilled environmental conditions, our Hydraulic High Lift Pallet Trucks are made to ensure constant contact with the floor to ensure full stability. The Pallet trucks are designed to handle tasks in various settings such as shops, warehouses and more. A lot of innovative thought has been put into the design of the truck to ensure no wear and tear around the wheels and an easy to use steering with an amazing grip.

Hydraulic high lift pallet trucks can carry a weight of upto 1000 kgs to avoid any fatigue for the operator. The Hydraulic High Lift Pallet Truck comes with a shelf stocker and a supplementary lift to position the pallet at the required height to make the operation smooth.

Our brand is known for its durable equipments, low maintenance costs and amazing after sales services to keep your work going without any glitches.

. Cap : 800/1000 kgs
. Lifting ht : 800/1000 mm

Model   PLS-2  
Capacity 800/1000 Kg
Frok size 1150 X 560
Minimum Height 90mm
Lift Height 800mm
High Lift Pallet Truck
High Lift Pallet Truck

. Easy to operate
. Silent in operation
. Requires minimum pulling power
. No oil leakage
. Minimum maintenance
. Maximum maneuverability
Patel Lifting Solution offers an ergonomically designed steering handle For easy operation from all angles

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